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We’ve had lots of inquiries from customers lately asking which MegaSlam adjustable hoop is right for them? While only the customer can truly know what’s going to be the best fit for their home and family, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for outdoor basketball hoops.


In this article, we’re going to talk about the rigidity of a basketball hoop and why it’s important. Rigidity, in this case, means having as little rattling, vibrating or swaying of the entire hoop as possible when a ball or player interacts with the rim.


Many times manufacturers create flimsy hoops that have thin steel and lack of reinforcements. When that happens, the hoop might look solid when it’s installed, but once it’s played on, it’s starts swaying like a palm tree in a hurricane or rattling like a car about the hit the junkyard.


A quality, pro-level hoop should play really rigid and be ready for any slam dunk coming its way. It should feel solid. So keep in mind that,

Heavier hoops have less swaying or shaking and are more rigid—this makes for a better playing experience.

How are Mega Slam hoops made to play more rigid?

Here are just a few ways we really make sure our hoops feel like a rigid, all-pro experience.


Overall Weight

We have a saying around here when it comes to hoops, “The heavier it weighs, the better it plays.” Always make sure the hoop your considering is heavy because it will play more solid. It’s why we make our outdoor basketball hoops very solid and heavy.


More Weight = More Rigid = Better Play


MegaSlam 54
Weight: 475lbs

MegaSlam 60
Weight: 600lbs

MegaSlam 72
Weight: 745lbs

MegaSlam XL
Weight: 875lbs


5-Guage Thick Steel

We make every one of our adjustable basketball hoops with the thickest 5-Guage steel we can find. It makes every hoop very solid, heavy, and plays very rigid.


As you move up the family of our MegaSlam adjustable hoops, they increase in weight, which gives each a more rigid playing experience.


Strong Base

Gussets are reinforcements that are welded between the main pole and the base. We provide more gussets on all our hoops than our competitors. It really makes a difference to reduce swaying.


Our MegaSlam XL and FX Pro models feature 14 gussets at the base!


Large Main Pole

Thick steel is important, but a large main pole dimension also adds to the overall rigidity. We’ve crafted our main poles to have a large dimension to hold the weight of the backboard, rim and any player that wants to slam



MegaSlam XL
Main Pole: 12” X 8”

MegaSlam 72
Main Pole: 8” X 6”

MegaSlam 60
Main Pole: 6” X 6”

MegaSlam 54
Main Pole: 5” X 5”



With the weather getting warmer and spring around the corner, we hope this can help you make any decisions when buying an outdoor MegaSlam adjustable hoop. If you have any questions at all about our product, just contact us and we’re ready to help.


Find out more about all our MegaSlam adjustable hoops.

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