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How do I install my Mega Slam?

You can install your own Mega Slam hoop or find a professional installer to help you. The back boards and basketball systems are quite heavy, so if you’re up for the challenge of installing it yourself, make sure you have some friends along to help you get the job done.

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How much does installation typically cost?

Prices for installing typically range from 400-800 euro, depending on your location and the specifics of your yard & setup. Keep in mind, the multiple-step installation process requires a couple home visits for any installer.  Exact installation pricing can only be quoted by the installer as they are all independent contractors. 

How long does it take to install a Mega Slam Hoop?

Whether you’re installing it yourself or having it done professionally, it’s a two-phase process.  Phase one is approximately 90 minutes to install the anchor foundation for your Mega Slam Hoop.  The concrete needs to cure for 72 hours prior to system assembly.  

For phase two of the assembly, it takes about 90 minutes to assemble and raise a Mega Slam Hoop.

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How many people does it take to install a Mega Slam Hoop?

For free-standing, in-ground systems, one (1) to two (2) adults are good for installing the concrete anchor that holds your system. 

Four (4) adults are recommended for installing the basketball system on top of the anchor. The ½-thick glass backboards weigh a lot, and requires a lot of strength to lift and then to adhere to the system.

Refer to your manual for detailed instructions.

How are free-standing Mega Slam Hoops anchored to the ground?

All of our in-ground goals utilize a J-bolt anchoring system with self leveling nuts. This method let’s you to adjust the anchor after the concrete has cured to insure an always-level hoop, and also makes it easy to take your Mega Slam Hoop with you to another home.

What size hole needs to be created for my in-ground anchor system?

Depending on your in-ground model, there are slightly different sized holes that need to be dug and filled with concrete. Refer to your manual for specifics.

For your safety, always locate any under-ground utilities before digging to avoid hitting any in-ground gas pipes or power lines.

How far back should I set my basketball goal from the driveway?

It is typical to set the anchor concrete flush with the driveway, or up to 2 feet back from the driveway edge, depending on how much space is available in your playing area. Our in-ground systems have various overhang lengths ranging from 3-feet to 4-feet. “Overhang” is the distance from the front of the main pole to the front of the backboard.

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How much clearance behind an in-ground basketball system do I need?

It is optimal to create a full 24 inches of space behind the post of our adjustable in-ground basketball systems to allow use of the height adjustment handle.  

How long should I wait until playing on my new Mega Slam Hoop after installation?

Once your new Mega Slam Hoop is installed according to our detailed installation instructions, it’s Game On!

Can I take my Mega Slam Hoop with me when I move?

Absolutely. The in-ground basketball system is anchored by (4) threaded J-bolts installed next to your driveway or on your backyard basketball court. Simply install another anchor system at your new location and re-install your Mega Slam Hoop.  

What are the court dimensions of NBA, NCAA, and high school courts?

The various size dimensions can be found on our Court Dimensions page.

How do I maintain my Mega Slam Hoop?

It’s easy to maintaining your new Mega Slam® basketball system:

(1) Keep any organic materials (grass clippings, garbage, etc.) away from the steel pole or base plate to prevent any rust penetrating the powder-coat finish.

(2) Clean the backboard periodically with water or a household glass cleaner and use a soft cotton cloth or paper towels.

(3) If you see any signs of rust on the system just remove the loose paint, gently sand the area, and apply outdoor enamel gloss paint to the affected area.

What makes Mega Slam Hoops the best?

Mega Slam Hoops builds the highest-quality residential basketball systems in the world. We incorporate superior materials and advanced engineering techniques to deliver a product that will stand the test of time.

How do I determine which system is best for me?

To determine the best system for all your needs depends on the size of your playing area and your budget. Since we design all our products to last a lifetime, you might also consider an adjustable-height model like the MegaSlam to grow with your friends and family over time.


What’s included free when I order a Mega Slam Hoop?

When you order a Mega Slam Hoop, you will receive free rust-resistant galvanization, custom-fitted pole padding, gusset padding, backboard padding, anchor kit, and a limited lifetime warranty. Our competition can’t say they include the same.

Where can I buy a Mega Slam Hoop?

You can buy any Mega Slam Hoop directly online. We are a direct-to-consumer business, which cuts out retail stores as the middleman, so we can offer you a superior product at a more-competitive price. 

Can your basketball systems withstand all seasons and weather conditions?

Yes, we have engineered our systems to be as weather-resistant as possible. Our in-ground systems are hot-dip galvanized, which makes the rust protection 10-15 times thicker and more rust-resistant than the competition. We also powder coat all the steel for our final layer of corrosion protection. We also provide stainless steel hardware to prevent rusty nuts and bolts.

What is the overhang measurement on a Mega Slam Hoop?

Overhang is the measured distance from the front of the main pole (or wall plate) to the front of the backboard. Depending on which model you select, Mega Slam Hoops offers an overhang distance ranging from 92 cm to 1,22 m.  Regulation overhang is 1,22 m.

View court specifications for an NBA, NCAA or high-school basketball court.

What is the adjustable height range on the MegaSlam in-ground basketball systems?

Our Mega Slam adjustable basketball systems are made for all ages and skill levels. The height range can be adjusted anywhere from 1,5 m to 3,04 m.

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What does the lift assist do on a MegaSlam adjustable basketball system?

The Mega Slam lift assist helps to effortlessly raise and lower your adjustable Mega Slam Hoop. It’s a spring-loaded cartridge that help neutralize the heavy weight of the backboard. This spring loaded cartridge comes pre-assembled.

What is the stop pin for on a MegaSlam adjustable height basketball system?

The stop pin prevents smaller children from lowering the rim to unsafe heights that could possibly collide with vehicles in the driveway.  When the stop pin is inserted, the system can only be lowered to a height of 2,3 m. Take the stop pin out, and the system can be lowered to 1,5 m for smaller children to play.

What if I want to make my home court to be the same as an NBA or NCAA regulation-sized court?

We have specifications for an NBA, NCAA or High School regulation courts available if you want your home court to resemble those court experiences.  


View court specifications for an NBA, NCAA or high-school basketball court.


My card payment was not processed and did not go through, what should I do?

If your debit or credit card payment did not process, there are a variety of reasons why that could be. Here’s some steps to try and help your payment go through.

         Verifying your details

For a debit or credit card purchase, please re-check the payment details you submitted and make sure they are correct and re-submit your payment.

         Contact your bank or credit card provider

Your credit card company or bank may be preventing the purchase due to fraud protection or set spending limits. Call your bank or credit card company and then repurchase the item.

How does delivery work?

When you order online, we deliver your hoop direct-to-curb, which means it comes directly from our warehouse, off the truck and to your curb so you waste no time getting to those free throws. Ask other hoop makers if they do the same! You will receive an email confirming the dispatch of your goods and an anticipated delivery timescale, unfortunately it is not always possible to provide a tracking reference. Deliveries are completed Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm. Due to the size and weight of the goods an external haulier is used for deliveries. These vehicles are large. If you have restricted vehicle access then please notify us prior to placing your order to ensure this will not cause unnecessary delays. 

Is the shipment of my new Mega Slam Hoop insured?

Yes. Your new Mega Slam Hoop is fully insured from the minute you order it up until you sign the shipping ticket.

How many boxes/pallets will there be in my shipment?

The shipping configuration of boxes and pallets varies depending on which system you purchase:

  • Mega Slam (adjustable height) 72 & 60 One (1) Pallet w/ (3) boxes

Is a signature required for my delivery?

Yes, a signature is required for delivery. Once you sign the shipping ticket the shipping company is fully released of any liability.


Make sure to thoroughly inspect the products and indicate any damage before signing the shipping ticket.

How long does it take to receive my new Mega Slam Hoop?

The delivery time varies depending on the distance of your location from our warehouse.  We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date, as sometimes delays occur in transit. Therefore, it is advised to order in advance of your anticipated installation date.

Does Mega Slam Hoops offer expedited shipping?

Unfortunately, no. We currently do not offer expedited shipping for our basketball systems.  The systems are heavy and ship by ground transportation.



What if my shipment arrives damaged?

Our basketball systems are built to last a lifetime. If a box or pallet is damaged it doesn’t necessarily mean the basketball system inside is also damaged. Fully inspect the shipment and make note of any damage on the shipping ticket before you sign. If you find a damaged piece, list the details of damage on the delivery receipt at time of delivery.


Contact Us immediately by emailing us photos of the damaged parts and signed delivery noting the damage.   We cannot ship replacement parts without photos of damage, and delivery receipt.