Raise your hoop high

Installing your Mega Slam Hoop correctly is critical for your system to work well and to have a lifetime of fun. Install your system right by either finding a local installer or following the specific instructions and watching helpful videos.


Knowing what's involved when installing your Mega Slam Hoop is important so you can have a lifetime of fun. Reference your model's specific manual for the exact details.

step 1: Plan and prep

Plan & prep

step 1: Plan and prep

Pick the perfect spot where you want your hoop to live. Look at your model specs and consider the overhang distance (front of main pole to front of backboard) as it relates to your playing surface. Note: Locate utility lines before you dig. Hitting a below-ground utility line by accident is no fun.

step 2: dig & pour

Dig & pour

step 2: dig & pour

Dig a 48"-deep hole and fill it with concrete to build the foundation for your in-ground hoop. It will take a lot of concrete, so be ready. Check your instructions before you start digging.

Step 3: Level the anchor

Level your anchor

Step 3: Level the anchor

After 72 hours of drying concrete, it's time to make sure to level the system. You want a level the system because it will play true. Watch our video on how to level the anchor.

Step 4: Install your system

Install your system

Step 4: Install your system

If you're planning on installing a Mega Slam Hoop yourself, better call some friends. Our systems are no-joke heavy and require at least 4 strong people to lift a large glass backboard. Each model is a little different, so reference your manual.

Step 5: Start slamming

Start slamming

Step 5: Start slamming

The very second you tighten the last screw, it's time to start jamming.


Watch how the pros installs the Mega Slam Hoop the right way.


Download your Mega Slam Hoop manual for detailed step-by-step instructions.

Installation FAQs

How do I install my Mega Slam?

You can install your own Mega Slam hoop or find a professional installer to help you. The back boards and basketball systems are quite heavy, so if you’re up for the challenge of installing it yourself, make sure you have some friends along to help you get the job done.

Learn more about installing a Mega Slam Hoop.

How much does installation typically cost?

Prices for installing typically range from 400-800 euro, depending on your location and the specifics of your yard & setup. Keep in mind, the multiple-step installation process requires a couple home visits for any installer.  Exact installation pricing can only be quoted by the installer as they are all independent contractors. 

How long does it take to install a Mega Slam Hoop?

Whether you’re installing it yourself or having it done professionally, it’s a two-phase process.  Phase one is approximately 90 minutes to install the anchor foundation for your Mega Slam Hoop.  The concrete needs to cure for 72 hours prior to system assembly.  

For phase two of the assembly, it takes about 90 minutes to assemble and raise a Mega Slam Hoop.

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