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Ever drive around town and look at your neighborhood basketball hoops? The majority of the time you see they’re usually in bad shape. They either lean like tired soldiers, have a broken plastic backboard, wave tattered nets or sit in rust.


Many hoop manufacturers might make a serviceable hoop, but they don’t make it stand up against an outdoor basketball hoop’s toughest 1-on-1 competitor—Mother Nature.


When Mega Slam Hoops make a basketball hoop, we want it to be the last one you buy so it will last a lifetime of outdoor fun. We sweat the details on the engineering, but also on how the steel and components are finished to make them rust-resistant for a lifetime. Here’s a little bit on what goes into it.


Hot Dip Galvanization

Sure, we know it sounds weird when we say our steel is Hot-Dipped, but the process of “hot dipping” all our steel during the galvanization process ensures a rust-protection coating that is 10-15 thicker than the galvanization other manufacturer’s use. It makes a seal to deter rain, snow or blistering sun.


Powder-Coat Finish

After the galvanization, we then put a healthy powder-coat finish on the steel which gives it that great, sleek, black color and provides yet another layer of protection to battle the elements.


Stainless-Steel Hardware

The final touch, which is a bigger deal than you think, is providing stainless steel nuts & bolts that don’t rust and last a long time. Many companies provide just regular steel hardware, but those can rust quickly and can cause safety issues with the hoop when rust sets in. Not us. We want your outdoor basketball hoop to last for a lifetime.


The best part of all our rust-protection comes included in our price. Others might charge extra for this, but we believe rust-protection should come standard and is just part of making a quality hoop.


Hope this helps with any decisions you need to make when shopping for your outdoor basketball hoop. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us.


Find out more about all our MegaSlam adjustable hoops.

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