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One of the hardest things for customers to figure out when shopping for an outdoor basketball hoop is what size hoop is right for their designated playing area? So, now you have to determine how big is your playing area and then find which hoop is best fitted for it.


Here’s a quick break down how our hoops map to different outdoor playing areas to help you determine how to choose the right basketball hoop size for outdoors.


Dedicated Basketball Court

If you have a dedicated full court or ½ court on your property we would recommend our larger-sized hoops. They have the most pro features.



MegaSlam XL

MegaSlam 72


FX Pro

FX 72


2-3 Car Driveways

If you have a large driveway that can fit 2-3 cars, you can go with our pro-regulation, 72-inch backboard models or our 60-inch backboard.


Adjustable Height




FX 72

FX 60


1-Car Driveway

For single-car driveway or more compact playing areas, we recommend our smaller models.


Adjustable Height

MegaSlam 60

MegaSlam 54

Fixed Height


FX 60


Consider Backboard Overhang

The distance from the main pole to the front of the backboard is called overhang. And you want a good overhang distance because it keeps everyone safe while playing so they don’t run into the post.


Typically we tell our customers to allow for 4ft of overhang on the playing surface (this is also regulation distance), but everyone’s space is different so we use it as a general rule of thumb.


Our Mega Slam adjustable hoops have an overhang range from 3ft - 5f (depending on the model).


Go bigger if you want to.

We had a question recently where a customer really wanted a hoop larger than what his space allowed, he was concerned about the overhang measurement of the hoop while also fitting their cars in the driveway.


One of the solutions we provided was to install the hoop anchor a little further back from the driveway so the backboard had less overhang on the court, and allowed for more playing area for outside perimeter shots. It’s a creative way to put a more pro-level hoop in your yard if you might be a little tight on space.


There’s nothing better than setting up your own Home Court and learning the sweet spots where the ball goes in every time. We hope this guide can help you start planning for years of home-court advantage and finding the perfect hoop for your space. Happy hooping!


We also have regulation court measurements! Find them here.


Find out more about all our MegaSlam adjustable hoops.


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