Get the Kids off the Couch and on the Court

By megaeueditor

An ever increasing problem in the United States is childhood obesity.  Several factors contribute to this issue including the increasing popularity of television, video games, and lack of healthy alternatives. Basketball is an excellent exercise idea for your kids.  Giving your kids a professional grade basketball hoop at home will give them a healthy outlet to get the exercise and physical activity they need.

Gone are the days that kids spend the entire day playing outside.  With the evolution of technology there are so many appealing non-physical options to kids that have created a sedentary way of life in this country.  Several large organizations such as the NFL have created programs such as Play60 to encourage children to get a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity each day.  This issue has become an epidemic and must be addressed to insure that our children grow up to become healthy adults.

In order to redirect a child’s focus from their favorite Xbox game the physical activity or sport has to be very appealing.  What is more exciting than an adjustable basketball system that lowers from 10’ to 5’ so they can slam dunk like their favorite NBA superstar?  Investing in a basketball system that they can grow with backed by a lifetime warranty is a wise investment. Just take a look at what goes into our basketball board design, and you will quickly see the quality. Creating an atmosphere of fitness and competition is healthy for any family that wants to provide healthy habits and activities that the entire family can enjoy together.

The beloved game of basketball is a great game that can benefit players physically.  The obvious cardiovascular benefit is quite evident but it can also affect your growing player by improving hand / eye coordination, muscle development, and mental focus.  All of these attributes can translate into improving performance in other sports as well as they are the basis of all athletic performance.  Studies have also shown that healthier adolescents have a higher mental acuity and ability to excel academically.

Several families now have children that have developed a weight problem.  The most difficult thing to do is to have to sit down with your 10 year old and explain to them that they need to go on a diet and get to the gym.  Rather than singling them out and making them feel different an easier alternative is going outside and being active as a family.  By simply encouraging kids to work on their game they are getting the activity they need to become healthier.  Not only are the kids getting their exercise but also the opportunity to create invaluable memories by engaging with their other family members.

As parents it is our responsibility to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for our children.  Installing a backyard inground basketball system or driveway basketball system is a great way to give your kids the healthy exercise option they deserve.  Invest in a professional grade basketball hoop for your kids today and give your family the Home Court Advantage.

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