Selecting the Location for your new Basketball Hoop

By megaeueditor

If you’re like most consumers you go shopping, see a product that you have to own, get very excited about it and purchase it.  Then you get home and realize that you should have done your homework to ensure that you have the perfect installation spot for your new basketball hoop. In-ground basketball hoops are not any different.  They too require a little pre-planning to insure that you install it in the perfect location.

An in-ground adjustable basketball hoop has an anchor system that is set in concrete so you want to make sure you get it right the first time.  Believe me, the last thing you want to do is pour another 20 bags of concrete because you didn’t take into account how the surroundings will affect the successful installation of your new basketball hoop. Chances are you will install your basketball hoop either on your backyard basketball court or install your basketball hoop in the driveway.  Depending on your layout and size availability both options can work great.

The first thing to consider is how much available space you have in front of the backboard.  For those customers with limited space selecting a basketball hoop with a shorter overhang will provide more playable space in front of the backboard.  Overhang is defined as the distance from the main pole to the front of the backboard.  Most professional grade Hoops will have an overhang that ranges from a short 3’ to a lengthy 5’.  If you want to maximize the playing area on your new basketball court this consideration is important.  The safest option to consider when installing your basketball hoop is to select a hoop with a 5’ overhang.  This allows you to set the main pole one foot off the playing area and still have a regulation 4’ from the baseline.

Another important measurement to consider is how much available space is behind the main pole of the basketball hoop.  If you are purchasing an adjustable basketball hoop there will be certain components of the system used to raise and lower the hoop that are positioned behind the main pole.  If you have an obstruction such as a brick wall, a garage, or a wood fence make sure you allow enough space when setting the anchor specific to the model that you purchased.

Not everyone has the backyard space or budget to have a dedicated backyard basketball court. Several new customers will paint lines on the driveway to create their own driveway basketball court.  Most high end basketball manufacturers will provide court diagrams as a resource to insure an accurate and regulation layout on your new court.  The most important thing to remember when installing your hoop is that when you adjust the height of an adjustable basketball hoop the overhang will vary slightly at different heights.  With that being said you will want to first raise the backboard to a regulation 10’H before marking the free throw line or 3-point line.  10 feet is the regulation height used in competition so the official markings on your court should be relevant to that measurement.

Once all of the above has been taken into consideration you are all set and ready to install your new in ground basketball system.

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