To Dunk or not to Dunk, that is the question

By megaeueditor


Most basketball fans are amazed at the gravity defying basketball hoop slam dunks seen by their favorite collegiate and professional athletes.  Every year at the NBA All Star game the most popular event of all is the slam dunk contest.  When children see these great feats of athleticism the first thing they want to do is replicate the activity to be just like their idols.  With that being said, you want to ensure that the in ground basketball system they play on will not only keep them safe while doing their 360 reverse dunk but also be warrantied to protect your investment as well.

Almost all of the basketball hoops offered at the big box chain stores will have a sticker on the backboard saying, “Do Not Hang On Rim”.  Most kids ignore these labels and either damage the in ground basketball system or injure themselves in the process.  The first question most kids ask is “why can’t I slam dunk on my new basketball hoop?” It seems like a logical question given that all of the superstars on television do it on a regular basis.

The reason that most manufactures place this label is to protect them from liability because they realize that the in ground basketball system is structurally incapable of handling a great deal of force.  There are several structural factors that lead to the system being unable to handle aggressive play:

The gauge of steel is too thin or weak

The extension arms are not thick enough

The anchoring system is not strong enough

The glass on the backboard is too thin

The rim mounting technique is substandard

The decision to purchase the correct in ground basketball system for your family is an important one.  As a parent you want to make sure your kids have an enjoyable experience full of competition and physical activity.  Find a basketball hoop that can grow with them.  There are adjustable basketball hoops that now have the ability to be lowered to 5’.  The smaller, younger players can slam dunk on the basketball hoop and feel like a pro.  Secondly, many youth leagues play with the rim height at 8’ so adjustability will be important.  Your new basketball hoop will be a permanent fixture to your home so make sure you select a product that not only performs but that is warrantied to perform and to last a lifetime.

There are a few, select manufacturers that offer a lifetime warranty inclusive of slam dunking and hanging on the rim.  So before you spend your hard earned money on a basketball hoop be sure to read the fine print and thoroughly inspect the warranty provided.  This will not only insure the safety of your home team but protect your investment as well.  Give your team the home court advantage and purchase a system today that will allow players of all sizes the opportunity to “Slam Like a Pro.”

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