Basketball Goal Calibration

By megaeueditor

More and more consumers are electing to install their own basketball hoop.  It makes for a nice weekend project not to mention keeping a few extra dollars in your pocket.  With the evolution of the big box home improvement stores, getting the proper tools and materials is not a problem, but the right basketball goal measurements is the biggest fear DIY builders face.  If you are like most basketball goal consumers you are concerned with getting it right the first time because there is a proper height for a basketball hoop.

The number one concern of most customers is how to ensure that the basketball goal is level and square to the playing surface.  There are a multitude of options when it comes to selecting your new in-ground basketball goal, and understanding the calibration and basketball goal measurements are important.  Some manufacturers utilize a direct burial technique where you actually set the main pole in concrete.  Another option is an internal support post that is either round or square.  Beware of these systems as there is zero margin of error. Most of the high end basketball goals on the market today utilize a j-bolt system.  This is by far the most advance technique for a couple of reasons.  First it allows for infinite adjustment both side to side and front to back by using four self-leveling nuts.  This design makes adjustment dummy proof if you will. The other advantage to the j-bolt design is it allows you to relocate the basketball goal if you move without jeopardizing the basketball goal measurements.  You would simply set another anchor system at the new location, un-bolt and re-install.

Ensuring that the basketball goal is square to the playing surface is another major concern of most do-it-yourself consumers.  The outdated designs discussed earlier do not allow the basketball goal to be turned once installed.  A few select manufacturers actually slot the holes on the base plate to allow for easy adjustment to make sure that the backboard is perfectly square to the basketball court or driveway and has the proper basketball goal measurements.  This is an important attribute to look for if you are looking at installing a basketball hoop.

Ensuring the proper height for a basketball hoop is another vital factor when installing your own.  Most of the basketball goals on the market have pre-set height variables that can be off if the hoop is not set at exactly the right height in relation to the playing surface.  This is difficult to achieve in some situations as the terrain outside the basketball court or driveway is at a different elevation.  The only way to fix the problem of not having the proper height for a basketball hoop is to sometimes break the newly poured concrete and start over.  A professional grade basketball goal will have this factored into the design and installation process by allowing the basketball goal to extend beyond 10’H. The actual height calibration sticker is placed on the basketball goal system at the end of the installation process insuring that the rim is at the regulation height.  Once this base line is established all of the other measurements will be the exact proper height for the basketball hoop to ensure an official playing experience.

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