Which Basketball Hoop Is Right For Me?

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Selecting the Perfect Basketball Hoop

Purchasing a new inground basketball hoop is an investment that requires due diligence before making your final selection. With countless manufacturers, different styles, and different materials, how can you be sure you are making the best decision for you and your family? This article will shed some light on important things to consider before giving your team the home court advantage.

As the game of basketball has evolved so has the equipment that athletes use to play this beloved game. No longer is a basketball hoop a mere peach basket with a piece of plywood behind it. In today’s complex market there are certain things every consumer needs to understand before purchasing a new basketball hoop.

First you need to consider the basketball court where your new inground basketball hoop will be located. Will you have a dedicated basketball court in the backyard or a driveway basketball court? If you plan on building a court in the backyard you need to consider whether or not the layout will be full-court or half-court. In other words will the court have one basketball hoop or two?

If you plan on converting your driveway to a basketball court then you need to calculate the space you have available. For instance, do you have a single car or double car driveway? You might even have a driveway wide enough for three or more cars. Locating the basketball hoop depends not only on the space in front of the backboard but also behind the inground basketball hoop as well.

The two dimensions that are vital to assess are the overhang and behind the outdoor basketball system clearance. Overhang is defined as the distance from the front of the pole to the front of the backboard and depending on which outdoor basketball system you select will range from 2.5’ to 5’. It is important to identify how much space you have available behind the inground basketball hoop as well so the extension arms and height adjustment mechanisms have room to function properly.

There are two choices to select from: fixed height basketball hoops or adjustable basketball hoops. If you have children who will be enjoying your new basketball hoop I would recommend installing an adjustable basketball hoop. This will allow you to lower the backboard to lower heights so young children can better enjoy the game. Besides the ability to lower the outdoor basketball system means that everyone can “Slam like a Pro”. Lastly, lowering the backboard to 5’H makes the installation process much easier.

The most crucial part of the inground basketball hoop is the actual backboard. There are three materials that most backboards are made of:

Polycarbonate / Acrylic / Tempered Glass

Official NBA backboards are made of ½” tempered glass. This will give you the most professional grade rebound response off the board. Many manufactures will use acrylic or polycarbonate as it is a less expensive way to build the system. However if you are looking to play like the pros you should strongly consider a basketball hoop with a pro view tempered glass backboard.

Hopefully this article has educated you on what to look for in selecting a new outdoor basketball system. There are several options to choose from but if you consider all that you have learned today you will be better equipped to make the best buying decision for you and your family.

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